Good Gym Leeds

Good Gym


In a quite late autumn, we were contacted by the Good Gym Leeds looking for volunteering opportunities. They are a group of oh so exciting joggers, who meet weekly in a starting point, run as a group to a community space to help organisations with some physical tasks for about half an hour, then they run back to socialise at the finish. These guys are tough-mudders! In wintertime, they would come after 7 pm, in total darkness and heavy downpours of rain, wearing only head torches and sliding in the mud, they would have helped us fence the entire allotment (almost! ? ) and plant some 1500 tree saplings ready to be replanted across Leeds come autumn again. Kudos to these guys, we’re not for so much exercise ourselves but you boost our mood and adrenaline levels with your enormous energy and enthusiasm! We will love to have you back soon!


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