Growing Better CIC (community interest company) is an urban farm based in central Leeds dedicated to better mental health through growing edible produce.

No, we are a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. This means that we do not issue shares in the business or pay out dividends. Instead, all profits are being reinvested in projects enriching local communities and the environment and your purchases help us cover operational costs and deliver our social mission.

We aim to provide a supportive environment for people coping with mental health challenges – and help prevent poor mental health. There is lots of evidence for the benefits that growing produce can provide for better mental health.

As a starting point please have a look at


Our clients can self-refer or be referred directly by GPs / social prescribing services; and by third sector organisations, counsellors, and carer services. Please contact us to discuss how we can work together.

To ensure that we remain a sustainable social enterprise we sell the beautiful microgreens and shoots that we grow on our farm. 

Did you know that as soon as a plant is harvested, it starts to lose its nutritional value? Within a day, a tender soft tissue plant has lost 80% of its essential oils and half of its vitamin and mineral content. Within 3 days many plants have lost most of their nutrient value. The average time from harvest to your shopping trolley at a supermarket is almost 4 and a half days! 

Our produce is ultra FRESH – we pick and deliver within 24 hours, and very LOCAL – so there is less damage caused by loading and unloading to and from storage and vehicles. Because we grow in a controlled environment, our produce doesn’t suffer damage from insects and animals, too much heat or cold, or too little or too much rain – enabling us to provide consistently high quality produce all year round – at a consistent price. 


We are part of a growing movement away from toxic agriculture. We use untreated seeds, the vast majority of which are organic. We create health benefits and employment by farming locally and with minimal use of chemicals. We say no to GMOs, glyphosate, and other harmful herbicides, neonicotinoids and other pesticides, growth retardants and peat-based or artificial fertilisers.

On a broader level, as urban farmers we contribute to the sustainable, local and independent food ecosystem that is developing very quickly across Yorkshire and the UK, reducing food miles, supporting micro-farming, and encouraging healthy eating.

Now we can only deliver to postcodes across West Yorkshire, but we are looking to deliver further afield in time.

Unfortunately, we do not send our fresh produce by mail order. We want to make sure our food is always fresh to eat. We are looking into bulk trade distribution by the ‘same day courier’ in cool boxes and are happy to discuss your requirements.

Yes, you can collect your order from our premises during normal opening hours from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on each Thursday of the week when the order is made available. However, due to the current Corona Virus, please let us know in advance that you are coming to collect.

There are several options. We are happy to leave the delivery in a safe space, such as at your neighbours’ house, under patio/bench in your garden, any other space you tell us it is safe to deliver to, or we are happy to deliver to your workplace or arrange a collection from our facilities. Please, add a note when ordering our products to let us know what is most convenient for you.

We do indeed! Please get in touch to let us know with whom you would like to share the discount and we will be happy to issue you with a unique group coupon code, whether it is your friends and family, neighbourhood or colleagues at work, we’ve got you covered!

We make every effort to accommodate food allergies to keep our customers, volunteers, and staff safe but if you find a product that you or your close one are allergic to, please, let us know in advance. We will allow one product substitute for another that is already listed for a given week’s delivery.

We’re thrilled! Pick up the phone or email us for a chat. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and offer you opening a trade account with us.

Yes… what are the usual hours? We love what we do and, although we go above and beyond to care for our well-being and having some rest, chances are that we’ll pick up your message over weekends and evenings. Give it a go.


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