Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility or CSR is how organisations manage their business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.

We recognise that CSR is important to young people in deciding the kinds of organisations they wish to work for. Here, we’ll tell you what we are doing as part of our corporate social responsibility.

We are proud that in our operations, we follow the principles of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals to support the community, environment, and the local economy. Read more to find out some examples of how we do it.

United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals

These are some of 17 SDGs we follow the principles of

We strive to prepare our trainees for the world of work to secure and maintain paid employment to gain financial independence and a better quality of life.

We aim to create food resilient communities by educating children, our trainees, and the wider community on how to grow their nutritious food and cook on a budget. We also, on occasion when we have surplus produce donate to Cafe Leep – CIC training people with learning difficulties in catering.

Through both nature-based activities, overcoming social isolation, learning to grow people’s nutritious food, and cooking healthy balanced meals on a budget.

Through practical learning and skills development for the sustainability of food.

Non-discriminatory and whistle-blowing policies are in place to ensure that the rights of all our staff, volunteers, and partners are respected, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

We encourage disadvantaged people of all backgrounds and ages to develop new skills, facilitate their access to work placements, and paid employment, ultimately contributing to economic growth on the local and national level.

Through the use of hydroponic systems which reduce the environmental impact of food production (land use, footprint, deforestation, pesticide, fungicide, herbicide, water footprint, fertiliser run-offs, food waste, food miles, CO2 reduction by JIT deliveries requiring no storage, fuel-efficient route planning, growing to order, use of renewable growing mediums, composting of waste, use of compostable and recyclable packaging where possible), use of energy-efficient equipment, use of precise indoor environment control equipment.

We offer support to people of all backgrounds and ages to access equal opportunities for social engagement and employment, with a focus on people with learning disabilities.

Through growing local produce sustainably, reducing environmental impact, encouraging the community to grow their produce, inviting volunteers from the local area to create a resilient community, strengthening the local economy by facilitating access to employment, nature conservation activities (including bird nests and feeders, hedgehog and bug hotels, litter picking).

In our operations and methods of growing, we have eliminated the use of pesticides and other nasty chemicals, as well reduced water consumption by up to 95% to provide healthy products that do not cost the Earth. By growing to order, we significantly reduced waste and any surplus is being donated to the local community and children taking part in activities at the West Leeds Activity Centre. We aim to reduce packaging and use sustainable materials whenever possible and encourage our customers to reuse or return the packaging for disinfection and breath of second life.

Reduction of the environmental impact of food production, replanting trees, nature conservation,  food waste reduction, planting wildflowers and building pollinator hotels, CO2 reduction by fuel-efficient route planning for deliveries, use of energy-efficient technologies, JIT deliveries and growing to order.

Through nature conservation activities, including wildlife hotels, planting trees and wildflowers, litter picking from part of Leeds Canal, and the site surrounding our facilities, other activities mentioned in other SDGs above.

We always seek collaboration and partnership opportunities with organisations like ourselves, individuals, and the corporate world. We strongly believe that only by working together, sharing ideas, and developing solutions to global issues, will help us build sustainable future and resilient communities.