Different kinds of micro greens

What We Grow

If you are looking to reliably source quality produce that is responsibly grown with minimum food miles then we should be talking!

Along with the therapeutic and social benefits that our own urban farm and other producers deliver, our cause will engage your customers. As a valuable part of our team, we will actively promote your business in our marketing activities.

All of our produce is packed, sealed and chilled at site for freshness. Our micro greens are supplied, cut and living. We also supply a range of salad mixes that comprise pea shoots or sunflowers topped with micro greens. We are constantly improving our range, and can grow to order, so please contact us with your requirements. A selection of our range is illustrated below

What We Produce

To ensure that we remain a sustainable social enterprise we sell the beautiful micro greens and shoots that we grow on our farm.

Did you know that as soon as a plant is harvested, it starts to lose its nutritional value? Within a day, a tender soft tissue plant has lost 80% of its essential oils and half of its vitamin and mineral content. Within 3 days many plants have lost most of their nutrient value. The average time from harvest to your shopping trolley at a supermarket is almost 4 and a half days!

Our produce is really FRESH - we pick and deliver within 24 hours, and really LOCAL - so there is less damage caused by loading and unloading to and from storage and vehicles. Because we grow in a controlled environment, our produce doesn't suffer damage from insects and animals, too much heat or cold, or too little or too much rain - enabling us to provide consistently high quality produce all year round - at a consistent price.

Farmer hands taking care of plant leaf

We are part of a growing movement away from toxic agriculture. We use untreated seeds, the vast majority of which are organic. We create health benefits and employment by farming locally and with minimal use of chemicals. We say no to GMOs, glyphosate and other harmful herbicides, neonicotinoids and other pesticides, growth retardants and peat-based or artificial fertilisers